Services A-Z (175)


Add a User to a Blackboard Course or Organization Site

Annual Compliance Training Information or Account Reactivations

Archiving or Exporting a Course in Blackboard

Argos Access Request

Argos Report Development

Assist Facilitator/Instructor with Roster Modifications

Avaya One X (Softphone)


Banner Access Issues

Banner Access Request

Banner Business Analyst Support

Banner Module Support

Banner Printing Issues

Banner Workflow Access and Modification Requests

Blackboard Ally (Faculty)

Blackboard Ally (Students)

Blackboard Assessments - Tests, Assignments, Surveys (Faculty)

Blackboard Browser Checker/Test (Students)

Blackboard Content Release Conditions (Faculty)

Blackboard Course Content - Locating Content (Students)

Blackboard Course Materials and eBooks (Students)

Blackboard Course Materials Info and Publisher Material (Faculty)

Blackboard Course Size (Quota)

Blackboard Goal Alignments

Blackboard Grade Submission

Blackboard Gradebook (Faculty)

Blackboard Grades (Students)

Blackboard Groups - Creating and Using (Faculty)

Blackboard Learn Mobile App

Blackboard Learn Mobile App Login

Blackboard Merged Course Support

Blackboard Messages (Faculty)

Blackboard Messages (Students)

Blackboard Organization, Development or SCC Site Support

Blackboard Rubrics

Blackboard Safe Assign for Assignments (Faculty)

Blackboard SafeAssign for Assignments (Students)

Blackboard Service Request (Employee)

Blackboard Service Request (Students/Guests)

Blackboard Tests and Assignments (Students)

Blackboard UBN Activity Stream Page, Use, and Settings

Blackboard UBN Assist Page

Blackboard UBN Calendar Page

Blackboard UBN Courses Page

Blackboard UBN Grades Page

Blackboard UBN Institution Page

Blackboard UBN Organizations Page

Blackboard UBN Profile Page


Checkout a Laptop (Employees)

Claim My Account Issue

Class or Event In Session Issue

Classroom Equipment Training

Classroom Software Install

Concourse Syllabus in Blackboard (Faculty)

Concourse Syllabus in Blackboard (Students)

Connecting to WiFi

Cornerstone - Admin Requests

Cornerstone Login

Cornerstone Updates (Website)

Course Copy or Copying Content in Blackboard

CRM Support


DegreeWorks (My SanJac GPS)


EAC Visual Data in Blackboard (Faculty)

Elevated Device Permissions Request

Email Distribution List

Emails Sent from Blackboard (Faculty)

Emails Sent from Blackboard (Students)

Employee Computer and Monitor Request

End of Course Surveys

EPAF Access Request

Equipment Disposal - Recycling

Error or Issue with Course Content

External Training Completion Approval


General Help Service Request

General Service Request

Groups in Blackboard (Students)

Guest Login


HR/Payroll Data Request


Imaging Support

Importing a Package or Course Cartridge

Importing from an Export or Archive File in Blackboard

ITS Media Request Form


Learning Objective Assistance

Lost or Stolen Technology


Mass Email Request

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Reset

My Attendance (Qwickly) in Blackboard (Students)


Name or Email Address Changes

Name or Email Address Correction

Network Account Request Form

Network Drop Install Request

New or Change to Lab/Classroom Technology


Office Equipment Move

Online Forms Request


Password Reset Request

Peripheral Request

Phishing Attempt

Printer Install, Relocation, or Removal


Qwickly Attendance and Qwickly Course Tools in Blackboard (Faculty)


Remove Users from a Blackboard DEV, SCC or Organization Site

Report a Course Missing from Blackboard

Report a Cybersecurity Issue

Report a Network/WiFi/Internet Issue

Report a Software/Hardware/Printing Issue

Report a Telephone/Voicemail Issue

Report a User Missing from a Blackboard Course

Report an Account/Login Issue

Report an Incident or Problem

Report an Issue in a Classroom, Lab or Shared Space

Report an Issue with an Online Form (Dynamic Forms)

Report an Issue with Chatbot (Ask Jac)

Report Browser Issue

Reporting a Ransomware Event

Reporting an Issue

Reporting Malware

Request a Deep Link in Cornerstone

Request a FAX number

Request a Report

Request Assistance with Applying for a Job

Request Assistance with Evaluations

Request Assistance with Marking Attendance

Request Assistance with Onboarding

Request Assistance with Pre/Post Work

Request Assistance with Username and/or Password

Request Changes to Training Content Availability

Request Completion Report

Request Elevated Permissions in Cornerstone

Request Email Modification to SJC Learning Course

Request Email Setup for Events and Sessions

Request Evaluation Setup for Events and Sessions

Request Event and Session Report

Request Exception Request

Request I-9 Access

Request Interest Tracking

Request Modification of External Content

Request New Blackboard Organization Site

Request Report

Request System Content to be Deployed with Learning Assignment Tool (LAT)

Request to Add Institution in Banner for Faculty Credentialing

Request to Add Pre-Requisite/Equivalent to Training Title

Request to Add Pre-Work/Post-Work to Training Title

Request to Add Supporting Documentation to Training

Request to Add Template in Cornerstone

Request to Add/Modify Instructor

Request to Be Added or Removed from Cornerstone Connect

Request to Merge Courses in Blackboard

Request to Restore a Blackboard Course Backup

Request to Restore Blackboard Courses from Archives

Respondus Lockdown Browser in Blackboard (Faculty)

Respondus Lockdown Browser in Blackboard (Students)


Setup my Email on my Device

Shared Mailbox/Calendar

Software Installation Request

Solution Intake Form (SIF)

Student Lingo in Blackboard (Faculty)

Student Lingo in Blackboard (Students)

Student Technology Request

Submit Project Request for Approval


Technical Support Contact Information

Technology Purchase Assistance Request

Telephone Request

Test New Form

TouchNet (Student Payment Processing)

Training Inquiry

Transcript Modification

Turnitin in Blackboard (Faculty)

Turnitin in Blackboard (Students)


Unable to Find What You Need?

User Removed in Banner is Still in Blackboard


Voicemail to Email

VPN Support


YuJa Media in Blackboard (Faculty)

YuJa Media in Blackboard (Students)


Zoom Classroom in Blackboard

Zoom Help