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Network accounts are provided to all San Jacinto College Employees and as needed, contractors working for the college. This provides the employee access to college resources such as Email, SOS, Blackboard, Banner, Campus Computers, Network Shares, Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom and VPN etc.

The network access form is used for new employees and changes to a current employee's access. This can be used for disabling the account entirely, but it is recommended the leader submit an EPAF for a terminated employee.   

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Getting Started

Network access request must be submitted by the employee's leader. 

Leader will need the employee's name, G number, and if applicable: Network Share file path (G drive, etc.), access level and any email distribution list (DL) needed. 

Network Share Guidance 

Guide link: How to get the file path on a PC or Mac.

Type of Access Levels:

  • Read Only - will provide the user access to the folder and its files but they will not be able to modify or delete files within the folder. 
  • Read and Write - will provide the user full access to the folder and its files with the ability to edit or delete files contained within that folder. 

Sub folder access some folders that are contained within the main folder's path could be restricted. If the employee requires access to the main folder and all sub folders within that folder please note that on the request. 

Click the Request Service button on this page to begin the process. 

Additional Information / Contact Information

Banner Access: The network access form does provide the log in credentials for Banner, but does not grant Banner Access. Once the employee has a network access the Leader must submit a Banner Access request for that access. 

Typical turn around time 1-3 business day. 

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