Office Equipment Move

Service Overview

Request the move of an employee's office equipment (computers, printer, scanners) or technology equipment (network printer) to a new location.  

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Getting Started

For moving an employee's office equipment:

To request this service the employee's leader must have already submitted an EPAF form for the move, unless it's a temporary move. 

You will need to provide the employee's name, current location, new location, equipment to be moved, date of desired move, and any other necessary information. If temporary move, you must state the reason for the move. 

If multiple employees are moving do not combine moves. Please only submit one employee's move per ticket.

Click the Request Service button to submit request.

For moving technology equipment:

You will need to provide the kind of device to be moved, current location, new location, and if network printer please include the printer's assigned name. 

If multiple devices please submit a request for each item. 

Click the Request Service button to submit request.

Additional Information / Contact Information

For furniture moves or non-technology equipment please reach out to Maintenance for assistance: Facilities Services Site

Typical turn around time 1-3 business day. 

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