Support for SJCD-owned hardware, software and other devices, includes desktops, laptops, printers, mobile devices, software requests.

Services (13)

Checkout a Laptop (Employees)

A short-term laptop checkout request for an employee.

Employee Computer and Monitor Request

Request for a new computer for an employee/location.

Equipment Disposal - Recycling

Request to have IT equipment disposed of or sent for recycling.

Office Equipment Move

Request moves for an employee or piece of equipment like network printer.

Peripheral Request

New, Replacement, Removal (Keyboard, Monitors, Mice, Speakers, Docking Station, and other USB devices. Excludes Printers.)

Printer Install, Relocation, or Removal

Printers & Copier installation, relocation, or removal for single or multiple users.

Report a Software/Hardware/Printing Issue

Reporting a non-specific Software/Hardware issues

Software Installation Request

Standard pre-approved software installations and updates.

Solution Intake Form (SIF)

Solution Intake Form (Software Intake Form) - Request for review of a Software, Services, or Solution not in use at San Jacinto College.

Student Technology Request

Student loaner program for computers, learning & productivity software, & internet access.

Technology Purchase Assistance Request

Request assistance with quoting technology, and obtaining an IT purchase approvals including printers and software.

Zoom Help

Request assistance with using Zoom or if you are experiencing video or audio issues.

Elevated Device Permissions Request

Elevated Permissions Request for SJCD Computer, Local Administrator Rights, Run As Account.