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Logins, User Access, & Passwords

Support for SJCD username and password management; access requests, includes access to SOS, Office 365 Email, Teams, Blackboard, Banner, Shared Network drives.

Classrooms, Labs & Shared Spaces

Technology support for Classroom, Lab, Conference Rooms, and shared spaces

AV/Media Event Support

Professional Audio Visual/Media services to support events

Onboarding, Transfers, & Exiting

Requests for onboarding, transferring, and exiting employees and contractors with technology resources.

Security & Safe Computing

Report malware, phishing, security incidents, or stolen equipment

Computers, Software, & Printing

Support for SJCD-owned hardware, software and other devices, includes desktops, laptops, printers, mobile devices, software requests.

Office 365, Email, & Calendaring

Support for Office 365, email, and other apps, including Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Teams, Microsoft Forms, and SharePoint, etc.

College-Wide Applications (Enterprise Systems)

Support for SOS, Banner, Workflow, Argos, BDMS, MySanJac GPS, Destiny One, Online Forms, etc.

Networking & WiFi

Support for connecting a computer or device to the SJCD network. Includes wired, wireless and remote access.

Telephones & Voicemail

Support for phones and voicemail. Includes desk and cell phones and voicemail.

IT Project Intake

Review process for submitting IT Project requests. Starting point for IT Projects

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