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Office/Classroom/Online Technical Support Services Knowledge Base

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Student Technology - Start Here

Information for Students about using technology provided by the College to include network accounts, email, on-campus computers, WiFi, etc.

Logins, User Access, & Passwords

Information on Logins, User Access, & Passwords for your SJCD Accounts.

Networking & WiFi

Information on WiFi, SJCD wired network, and remote access.

Computers, Software & Printing

Information about computers, software, and printing.

Telephones & Voicemail

Information about telephone and voicemail services provided by the College.

A/V Media Support

Information on how to use the A/V equipment found in Classrooms, Labs, and Shared Spaces.

Security & Safe Computing

Information about Multi-Factor Authentication and how to avoid security threats.

Office 365, Email, & Calendaring

Information on Office 365, email, and other apps, including Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Teams, Microsoft Forms, and SharePoint, etc.

College-Wide Applications (Enterprise Systems)

Information about SOS, Banner, Workflow, Argos, BDMS, MySanJac GPS, Destiny One, Online Forms, etc

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Service Desk FAQs

Information for the on-campus technical support available at the Service Desks.