Report an Issue with an Online Form (Dynamic Forms)

Service Overview

Online Forms or Dynamic Forms are interactive forms users can fill out to submit information to the college. It provides a simple way for users to take any paper-based form and quickly build a sophisticated interactive electronic form.

Applies To

Employees, Students


Logging into the Online Form (Dynamic Forms):

  • Students will use their Gnumber including the capitalized G at the beginning as their user ID and their password is the same as SOS or My San Jac Portal (Pathify). If you have not reset your password within the past year you may need to do this before trying to log into the forms. Go to to reset your password for your account.
  • Employees will use their firstname.lastname (jane.doe) as the user ID and their password is the same as SOS or logging into a campus computer.

The login portal for Online Form (Dynamic Forms) looks like the image below and will start with "".
     Uploaded Image


Getting Started

If you are experiencing issues logging into the form please try resetting your password and if that does not solve the issue then click the request service button and submit your request. Additionally use this form to report any other issues after you successfully log into the form. 

We will need the following:

  • Gnumber
  • Best contact information phone & email.
  • Link to the form you are having issues with.
  • Any error message you might be receiving.

Additional Information / Contact Information

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Request Service


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