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All San Jacinto College students are required to retrieve their account before they can access most of the College’s computer systems and other services. The Account Claim Process allows new users to generate security questions for their account, create a password, and retrieve their student Username. Users can claim their account by completing the following steps.

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New Students


1. When ready, click here to Claim your Account: Claim Account

2. A new page will open for the Claim Account process. Under Step 1, enter your First Name, Last Name, Home Zip Code, and Birth Date in the provided fields. When typing in your Birth Date, please ensure it is typed in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD (Example: 2003-06-06)

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3. Click on the Computer Usage Policy link and read the document (opens in a new window).

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4. Place a check in the box next to I certify that I have read the policy on computer privileges and responsibilities and I agree to abide by this policy and then click Next.

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5. On the next page, under Step 2, enter a password for your account in the New Password and Verify New Password fields. Once entered, click Next.

  • Notice that you are required to choose a password that meets the current requirements. All passwords must contain the following:
    • Must be at least 12 characters to a maximum of 16 characters and include at least three of the following: 1 number (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4), 1 special character (e.g., $, #, &, *), 1 upper case letter, or 1 lower case letter.

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6. Under Password Change Complete, you will receive a confirmation that your password has successfully been changed. In addition, note the provided Username for future use.

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7. Answer each of the Pre-Defined Questions in the provided text fields. Each response must be at least three characters long.

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8. Under User Defined Questions, type in your own question and provide an answer to that question.

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9. If you would like to add an additional security question, click on Add Optional User Defined Question. Each click will add another security question to your account.

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10. Once finished, click Next.

11. You will now receive a message stating Your challenge questions were successfully updated. You may now close your browser or click on any of the two links provided on this page.

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Congratulations, your account has successfully been claimed! You should now be able to log in to apply for scholarships at Once you are notified by San Jacinto College Admissions that you have been accepted, you can click on the SOS button on the SOS login page at, to verify that you can log into SOS with your Username and the password you created.


Troubleshooting Tips
  • The account claim process only allows students to claim the account once. If you are a former student or prior applicant your account may have already been claimed in the past. After you have claimed it, the only way to get back into your account is to use the "Need Help" link on the Password Self-Service System, visit a Campus Service Desk, Submit a Password Reset Request, or call Technical Support at 281-998-6137.
  • If you are a new student and the claim process is not working please try looking at your application and verify you are using the correct Name, Date of Birth, and Zip code you entered on the application. If you notice that a correction needs to be made, please contact/visit the Admissions Office to make changes before reaching out to Technical Support
  • Note: The claim process is only for students, it does not apply to employees. 


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