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This user guide is intended for students and guests, and explains how to use the TeamDynamix Client Portal, the online portal for assistance and services from San Jacinto College’s Technical Support, Blackboard Support, and Human Resources Technology Teams.

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SJC Students & Guests 

Accessing the Client Portal

Using your web browser, go to to access the SJC Support Client Portal home page. 

Services and Knowledge Base

To access Services or the Knowledge Base, click on the specific section you wish to view.

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What are Services?

  • Available services provided by the College’s Technical Support, Blackboard Support, and Human Resources Technology Teams.
  • Users can quickly navigate through the service categories, select specific services, and submit requests.

What is a Knowledge Base?

  • A collection of self-help articles with solutions, guides, and troubleshooting information for common issues and requests.
  • Users can search topics, browse categories, and access guides to resolve problems independently.
Using Search Features

1. Locate the global search bar on the Client Portal.

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Note: By default, the global search will yield all Services and Knowledge Base articles related to your search. If you wish to narrow your search to either the Knowledge Base or Service Catalog, click on the button with the globe and down arrow and select your preferred option. 

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2. Type keywords in the search box to get relevant results. Press “Enter” or click the search icon. In this example, we will search “password reset.”

3. Each search result is listed as either a Service or Knowledge Base article. Review the search results and select the link that best suits your need. 

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Submitting a Service or Incident Request

1. On the Client Portal home page, click Services

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2. Click the Support Team for which you wish to submit your service or incident request. For example, Tech Support.

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3. Click the Category that best meets your needs. In this example, we will use Logins, User Access, & Passwords.

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4. Click the specific Service. In this case, we will select Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

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5.  Read the Service Overview and Getting Started sections. If the service meets your needs, click Student & Public Request.

Note: Some services are used by both employees and students. Please select the correct button when more than one option is available.

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6. As you fill out the form, please provide required information and a clear description of your request.

Note: Students are advised to provide their SJC student email for the Your email address box.

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7. Once you have filled out the form, click Submit

Note: Should you not find a service that relates to your particular service or incident request, each support team has a “Can’t Find what You Need?” category. This service can be used to submit your request.

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Email Notifications

1.  After you submit a request, you will receive a TeamDynamix email notification at the email address you provided on the request form.

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2. If you need to update or comment on the ticket request, reply directly to the notification email. In this example, we will reply to the email to cancel the request.

Please note: Only reply to the email if the comment pertains to the active ticket. 

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3. After your request is updated or resolved, you will receive a TeamDynamix email notification detailing the changes made to your request.

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Additional Information / Need More Help?

Tech Support Contact Information & Hours

Blackboard Support Contact Information & Hours

Human Resources Contact Information & Hours 

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